Pop up


Appearing in abandoned, little known and mysterious settings, the POP UPs are ephemeral and instantaneous spaces, , open to all and free. Each of these settings will open up suddenly for a very short period, and will be entrusted to several groups of artists inviting you into their worlds. Make yourself at home!

In addition to appropriating these spaces for a concert, building your own Lego city, having your portrait done, discovering an installation and enjoying the atmospheres of these eclectic worlds, varying from cosy to supercharged or offbeat, these Pop Ups are places to have a bite or a drink, attend a video projection or read a fantasy novel while curled up on a sofa…

Pop Up Design et Pop Up Kids,the Pop Ups will be associated with the “Horror Story Night” and will resonate with the Gare Saint Sauveur weekends and the Temps Forts events in the districts and territories of Lille Métropole.
Many opportunities to experience new Fantastic venues..

At La Péniche, The Tri Postal in Fives, Le Jardin de la Mode, in the metropolitan area in Seclin and Tourcoing, and many more places still.

NOW ! Discover the prog of the Saint-André’s Swimming Pool pop up 



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