OCT.2012 > JAN. 2013

lille3000 and its partners invite you make the most of the four months of Fantastic by immersing yourselves in the surprising, disquieting or futuristic atmosphere of fantasy literature. Be warned, the reader does not always emerge unscathed. With planned events including the publication of a bibliography on the theme of Fantastic (available on, short story competitions (or online criticism competitions), Book Fairs (notably celebrating the centenary of Dracula), lectures, supersized comic books and exhibitions on the worlds of Charles Burns, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian and Ankama Editions (see Exhibitions page), you will have every opportunity to get lost wandering down some poorly lit alleyways.

With the support of the Caisse des Dépôts /With: bookshops of the Libr’Aire network, libraries, media libraries of the Nord Département, Libfly, the Catholic University of Lille, Le Furet du Nord, Ankama.

Particularly in Lille, Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin, Halluin, Roubaix, Tourcoing and Wattrelos Wavrin.

Horror story tour : 9,10 et 12 november in Lille, Hellemmes and Roubaix 

And to cap it all, a Horror Story Tour will be held on Saturday 10 November at Roubaix and Lille. For children who like to give themselves a scare (afternoon) and adults who prefer not to admit it (evening), this is an itinerary going from bookshops to libraries, from unknown places to strange spaces, featuring intimate readings and impromptu encounters…

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With the support of : la Caisse des Dépôts, l’Université Catholique de Lille, le réseau Libr’aire, Le Furet du Nord, le DDCS, Ankama, Aziart, La Médiathèque Départementale du Nord, le LaM.

• Horror disguise evening – Dracula, Frankenstein, Tim Burton, make-up, costumes, smoke, special effects and cocktails. //Fri, 9 November 8.00 pm > 11.00 pm //Furet du Nord (Lille)

• Special Children’s Afternoon – readings, Tolkien itinerary, festive costume ball, drawing competition, children’s itinerary with labyrinth, readings from Harry Potter and snack time. //Sat, 10 November //Planète mômes (Lille), Le Furet du Nord (Lille), Catholic University of Lille, Bibliothèque du Vieux-Lille, Ankama and more.

And at night, an adult version

Imagination, mystery and fantasy are the ingredients used by Le Furet du Nord and Lille Métropole to have you discover the worlds of the fantastic in literature, science fiction, comic books, youth, DVDs and video games. Meet the authors and artists who are the references for each genre. Have fun during a festive evening. Immerse yourself in the world of Tolkien. The entire FANTASTIC programme can be viewed on


Like in 2006 and 2009, the bibliography will present the fantastic through literature as well as comic books, mangas, games, music and cinema. Publication: 1 April 2012. Discover the blog of the FANTASTIC bibliography at


  • The Discovery of Shadow – With Roberto Casati, researcher at the CNRS and the Institut Jean Nicod //Fri, 9 November – 7.30 pm > 9.30 pm //Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille Centre //
  • The Absolute Eye – With Gérard Wajcman, writer, psychoanalyst, director of the Centre d’étude d’histoire et de théorie du regard // Sat, 10 November – 5.00 pm > 7.00pm // Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille centre //
  • Reflections on the Human Experience of Night – With Bruce Bégout, philosopher and writer, lecturer at the University of Bordeaux. // Sat, 10 November – 7.30 pm > 9.30 pm // Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille //
  • Reflections on the Virtual, its Virtues and Vertigo – With Philippe Quéau, head of the research group on virtual cloning and founder of the Imagina programme. //Sun, 11 November – 3.00 pm > 5.00 pm
  • Perspectives on lille3000 – With Bruce Bégout, philosopher and writer, lecturer at the University of Bordeaux, and Gérard Wajcman, writer, psychoanalyst, lecturer at the Department of Psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VIII. // Sun, 11 November – 5.30 pm > 7.30 pm // Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille
  • Encounter with Pierre Grimbert, heroic fantasy author and publisher // Wed, 21 November – 3.00 pm // Médiathèque La Corderie, Marcq-en-Barœul //
  • The Fantastic Gardens – Art history lectures by Céline Doutriaux, guide-lecturer // Sat, 24 November – 3.00 pm // Médiathèque La Corderie, Marcq-en-Barœul //
  • Encounter with Stéphanie Sauget // Wed, 28 November – 3.00 pm //Médiathèque La Corderie, Marcq-en-Barœul //
  • Babel – Art history lectures by Céline Doutriaux, guide-lecturer // Sat, December 15 – 3.00 pm // Médiathèque La Corderie, Marcq-en-Barœul
  • Fangs of October: 100% Vampires – Photo shoot, lectures, exhibitions, video games, shows, storytelling… In partnership with Le Furet du Nord // 26 September > 31 October // VIEUX-LILLE WAZEMMES, FBG BÉTHUNE
  • Library festival! – Shows, readings, “Fantastic” exhibitions in the library network of the Médiathèque Départementale du Nord. // www.cg59/mediathequedunord




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