OCT.2012 > JAN. 2013

All independent cinemas in the Métropole as well as associations in Lille are preparing a broad programme on the theme of the fantastic:

Plan Séquence (Majestic) :

Tim Burton and His Monsters (17 October – 6 November)
Beware of Aliens (21 November – 4 December)
On the Other Side of the Mirror (Dec. 12 – Jan 8)

Cinema-concerts “Invasion of the Gelatinous Termites”: At least eight dates across the Métropole (production for 4 youth groups supported by music venues and performed in cinemas of the metropolitan area).

Cinema-concert programme by music schools centred on short films.

Science-fiction, horror and fantasy festivals and cinema nights (features, shorts, animation)

Call for new fantasy films (6 min) by the Dick Laurent Association, a selection of which will be projected throughout the Métropole.

In collaboration with : Le Majestic, Plan Séquence, Cinéligue, L’Hybride, Hors Cadre, L’Univers, Dick Laurent, Cellofan…


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